Spotify for Everyone

I personally love Spotify. I can hear music everywhere and even sync some music to my devices, and it works pretty well even in slow connections.

PullRequest Coverage Blammer Maven Plugin

At the company I work Pull Requests are part of our culture. When someone opens a Pull Request, we do Code Review. If we think it’s OK, we comment “+1”, or “-1” otherwise. We usually only merge a PR when it has 3 or more “+1” comments.


So, just like in 2012, I decided to write a little review of this year that end.

This site is now powered by Turbolinks

I think that turbolinks is great: it mades it easy to add AJAX PushState to your Rails Applications. The only problem with that is that we can’t use it any WEB application, because it’s a Ruby Gem. So I did some ugly-but-easy hacks and add it to this very site. I will describe the steps above.

Fixing Rubygems Certificates

Today, once again, my environment start throwing that SSL cert error.