UP v2

So, this is the all-new UP version. It is more based on my own blog in some way, which is a some kind of branch of the theme.

Generations War

People suddenly start this thing that looks pretty much like a war. Generation X people saying that generation Y people are too hurried, that doesn’t know how to do anything and other insults, while the Y’s says that the X’s are too much slow, can’t follow the technology evolution and etc.

Twitter drops Ruby - The Bullshit

This post is about the Twitter change from Ruby to Java, some years ago, fact that, sadly, is still being used by some people to say that Ruby sucks and Java is the best language in the world.

Ruby: Nil

Following my previous posts with basic Javascript aspects, like context and variable hoisting, I’ll try to write some basic concepts of the Ruby language. I decided to start with something that usually confuses new Ruby users (sometimes they don’t even know that they are confused, by the way): the Ruby nil object.

Javascript Variable Hoisting

This is article is the second of a serie of n articles, where n could be any given number between 1 and 2 (inclusive).