Javascript Context

People make a lot of confusion about Javascript context mechanism. I don’t think it’s confusing at all, is just that it’s different when compared with other languages we generally use.

Charmander, our Hubot

We just started to use the awesome Github Hubot, “a customizable kegerator-powered life embetterment robot”.

I just got a Firefox OS powered phone


JPA2 with Guice

Some time ago, I posted here about a simple project that I’ve done in my post-graduation classes. Since I need it in other projects, and also some friends ended up using it in small projects, I decided to evolve it a little bit.

About the Brazilian Protests

It’s now well known in media that, we, brazilian people, were facing our government for a lot of things, the most well known one, R$ 0,20 increase in the bus ticket in São Paulo.