Automate your Builds

No one likes to do the same stuff lots of times. Copy a file from here to somewhere, start a bunch of services, do a tricky build with maven… all this shit are acceptable if you do one time and will never need to do it again. When you do it two or three times in a little space of time, you will write a script. Everyone does that. If you don’t, you should.

Riding a MS Network with Linux

I work in a company that have an enterily MS-based network, which means, all that domain login crap and everything that comes with it: outlook, MS Communicator, proxies, monitoring and etc.

First steps with Mac OS X as a Developer

So, I just bought my first Mac, and decided to wrote this in order to help others =)

Git Protips™

Git has a lot of features, and I bet that 90% of who use it (including me) doesn’t know half of them. Well, maybe, someday, one of those “unknown features” can “save your life”.

Gemify your assets

Rails 3.1 introduced the asset pipeline, which make it easy to include versioned external assets as application dependencies.