UP: A Jekyll theme

After a while using Jekyll Bootstrap, I just realized that it was so much bloated. Then, few days ago, I forked the old Zach Holman’s blog, and started to tweak my own theme based on theirs (that now is opensource). At first, I like it, but after a while, I just start thinking that it had a “old style” design.

Things that make me dislike Java

So, I just compiled a little list of things that, I believe, make me dislike Java everyday a little more.

Easy-install MS Fonts in Arch Linux

I just made a all-new fresh installation of archlinux a couple of days ago, and realized that my fonts are tottaly weird in the browser.

Rails AJAXSpin

Somedays ago I wrote about how to build a simple and non intrusive AJAX status with CoffeeScript in RubyOnRails. Ok, I decided to use my spin in more projects, so, I just gemified it.

Dotfiles Are Meant to Be Forked