One more process might not be the right answer

Don’t get me wrong, I do believe that some set of basic rules must exist. What I don’t believe is that they are the only way of fixing things.

Introducing JVM - The Java Version Manager

Last years it becomes more and more common to work in different projects running on different versions of Java. There still some running on Java 6, and there are tons already running on Java 8.

Dump a PostgreSQL table as insert statements

FYI: Like the previous post, this is a really quick tip.

Find non-ASCII chars

FYI: This is a really quick tip.

Integrating Minitest with Shippable

I know, everyone uses Travis. I have nothing against it. But in case you want to test and/or use Shippable, this might be just the guide for you. I will also show how to setup that nice tabs with the test and coverage reports.