My personal goals for 2015

Well, 2014 is now almost over, and I didn’t accomplish most of things I planned to. I see now that I set goals almost impossible to accomplish in that amount of time.

Lint your shell scripts

I will start this by quoting the bashstyle’s readme:

Don't use junit.framework

Every once in a while I see somewhere a wrong import to the old, deprecated junit.framework instead of org.junit.

Notify your team using Telegram

In an ideal world, applications will never go down, for example. In the real world, shit happens. Every second counts.

Using JUnit Rules to simplify your tests

Have you ever wrote JUnit tests extending a class that does some before and after work, so you didn’t have to repeat that code in various test classes? Well, I will not say that you have been doing it wrong, but, sure enough, you could do it better. How? Using JUnit Rules!