So, just like in 2012, I decided to write a little review of this year that end.

Unlikely 2012, 2013 was really calmer. Besides some side projects not yet revealed to the public (but I hope I can reveal soon), not much has changed.

  • I was promoted in my current Job;
  • I improved my skills in several languages;
  • Bought my first Mac (MacBook Pro mid 2012);
  • Was robbed: The MacBook (which I had for 2 months), my old Dell Inspirion and my wife’s HP laptop;
  • Bought a new Mac (MacBook Pro late 2012);
  • Bought a Kindle (probably one of my bests acquisitions ever);
  • Bought a new Acoustic Guitar;
  • As you can imagine, I now have a debt in bank, which I will destroy this year (the debt, not the bank -yet-);
  • OpenSourced several projects;
  • Worked with some friends in other projects;
  • First Flight (to Sao Paulo, twice);
  • Participated in 24 pull requests for christmas, but wasn’t able to do all the 24 pull requests;
  • Started learning a few languages, such as Scala and SML;
  • Attended to some events in Joinville - SC, one in Florianópolis - SC and one in Sao Paulo - SP;
  • Started training Muay Thai.

So, is basically this. As I already said: calmer. But I want this to change again in 2014.

Well, I wish for you all an awesome year and hope you accomplish everything you want!

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