It’s now well known in media that, we, brazilian people, were facing our government for a lot of things, the most well known one, R$ 0,20 increase in the bus ticket in São Paulo.

Well, let’s say that this was only the last drop in São Paulo, which made almost all people fight for it too and all other shit too.

rights, not cents

It’s not for cents, it’s for rights.

Believe you or not, my grandmother is right now, in some city in Mato Grosso do Sul, protesting about something here called FUNAI, which, in theory, should defend the indians rights. These motherfuckers want to give a lot of the south brazilian area to them, even if them aren’t living in these places for more than 50 years. You might be thinking that the government will then give these people some area to live after all this, right? NO. They will remove lots of families which work, produces food. A lot of them lived their entire life in a damn small farms, with familiar agriculture, but they don’t care.

You think that I’m overreacting? Look at this map:


Basically, they want to give all this collored areas to the indians. The big green one at the bottom is one of the newest and biggest one. But the protests are not just about that.

Here in Brazil, we have something called “Rede Globo de Televisão”, a TV channel, which basically do what they want, manipulating people so they just sit and watch some stupid TV show, while the politicians “walk and shit” where, how and how much they want.

This video is an answer to another video, by a Rede Globo Commentator, which said a lot of shit (like that we are not worth 20 cents) to try to force people to belive that protestors are all breaking everything. I hope you can get automatic traslations for this.

They ROB US EVERY FUCKING DAY. We pay more than half that we earn in taxes. And we get NOTHING BACK.

Public education, health and security are almost the same as nothing. In few words, we pay taxes to have them, but we end up paying to have them, and we have to pay embedded taxes to get this too.

We got tired of this crap. There are people starving, and they spent R$ 1.2 BILLION in a fucking football stadium in a city that doesn’t even have a big football team.

That’s unbelievable. That’s unacceptable.

We are tired. Really, really tired. We can’t take all this crap and stay still anymore. That’s only the tip of the iceberg about why we are protesting, why we are going to the street next thuesday, 20/jun to protest again about it, and WE WILL NOT STOP UNTIL THEY START TO FIX THIS. Maybe the army should rule for a while.

Can I help, even if I’m in/from other country?

Yes, you can! As the video says, we are attracting a lot of attention right now, because of the FIFA Worldcup and shit, so, you can help us. Help us share all of this crap, protest where you live, whatever you could do surelly will help us.

Brazilian government just change the laws to be able to do what they want believing that nothing will happen to them, and we didn’t do anything about it, because our people was disunited so far, for some reason, that seems to start to fade away, but I’m afraid that it will end up with a civil war, which we surelly don’t want. We will protest peacefully as much as we can, and you could help us.

Let’s change Brazil! Thank you all for any help and support!



Special thanks to Diego Selzlein, who help improve this text by fixing some english issues and typo.