How I went from a annoying linuxfag to just a random guy who uses unix-based systems and drops a few jokes about how Windows sucks instead of try to convince each and everyone to use a real operating system.

When I first discovered Linux, I was amused. I thought “this is great! Why there is so few people using it?. I can change anything! I can compile things. I command! I’m root!” Then, young and dumb, I followed the linuxfag tribe and started to try to convince people to use Linux instead of Windows. No, really, I tried to convince designers to drop Windows and Photoshop and use Linux and Gimp instead. I don’t really know why nobody beat me to death. I would do it if I wasn’t me.

After some time, I realized that it’s stupid to do this. This is all politics. Nobody gives a shit about Windows piracy - not even Microsoft. It’s pretty much like a drug dealer, but worse: they let you use it for free and make believe that there is nothing else out there (do you parents even know what an operating system is?), then, they charge other people (or you, without you know it).

It’s quite simple:

  • You are taught since you’re a child how to click the “Start” menu and do things;
  • You’ll go study somewhere (school, college, whatever) and work somewhere;
  • You’ll need to use a computer;
  • You don’t know anything else but Windows (alongside 90% of people);
  • Companies and Schools and Colleges and shit buy Windows and Office licenses;
  • MS wins, without bothering you and your piracy;
  • But, if you buy a laptop with Windows included, you are paying for it;
  • MS wins, again, without bothering you and your piracy.

As the majority uses Windows, people will do more softwares for Windows. That’s why there is no Photoshop for Linux, for example. This is the most fundamental concept of economics: Supply and demand. To make it even worse, there is a concept misunderstanding (free software) that people who use Linux don’t like to buy things - as they seem to like “free software”, but, as fun as this may sound, they believe that people who download and install a pirate copy of Windows do - and will buy they shit.

My “Free software” argument was shit. People don’t really care about other stuff I do, like security, freedom, ability to change things, compatibility with some development stuff and so on. People want it to work. People want it easy. People want to play the last FPS on the market. They don’t want to battle a driver incompatibility error, neither learn how to use other music player, or deal with Wine errors while trying to emulate a Windows game.

The thing is, what works for me, might not work for you. For me it’s easy to open a terminal and type commands, but not for my mother. I enjoy learning this kind of stuff, but most of my coworkers and friend don’t.

We have to admit, Microsoft did a good job “addicting” everyone to their “drug”. After that, I realized that people will use what they like more, it doesn’t really matter what I say about it. The same goes about programming languages and almost any flamewar about technology out there.

So, I end this flamewar thing. The only thing I do now is a few jokes with my coworkers and friends about how they actually need to use a real operating system to do whatever they’re trying to do. It’s funny for me, even if most people don’t get it. Anyways, I don’t care.