Well, 2014 is now almost over, and I didn’t accomplish most of things I planned to. I see now that I set goals almost impossible to accomplish in that amount of time.

Well, I did read one book per month, for example (well, actually, I read ~1,5 books per month). I do keep doing exercises. I did changed jobs. I learned a lot of stuff. But, I didn’t bought a car (yet I’m paying it). I didn’t keep studying music. I didn’t learn and profit in 2 more languages. That’s quite a shame.

So, for this new year, I will aim to “accomplishable” things, following something I read in “The Passionate Programmer”.

So, those are my goals for 2015:

  • Read 2 books per month (it was quite easy to do 1,5);
  • Keep practicing my English;
  • Do at least one post every two weeks here;
  • Master one new programming language;
  • Continue to do exercises;
  • Stop paying rent and buy an apartment or something.

Except the last item, all of those are things that I want to actually keep doing the whole year. The last item, though, is the more challenging, because it involves money, and the current Brazilian economy may not let me do anything, so, even if it’s a little out of my control, I will focus to try to do it.

Those are my goals, what about yours?