Announcing GoReleaser v1.9 - the 10k stars release

Cascavel -

This release contains several minor improvements and a couple of new features! Let’s have a look!

goreleaser changelog sneak peak.

goreleaser changelog sneak peak.


  • goreleaser changelog was added to GoReleaser Pro - you can use it to preview your next release changelog
  • added more build options, enabling you to build test binaries #3064
  • added go_first_class target options for build #3062
  • new run script for CIs that don’t have it natively #3075
  • make it easier to run GoReleaser against a SCM that is not GitHub, GitLab or Gitea #3088
  • allow to create meta archives #3093
  • the archive pipe no longer check links are valid, like tar #3103
  • a lot of bug fixes and docs improvements
  • we are also experimenting with new ways to share news with our users, the latest is our newsletter

You can see the full changelog here.

Other news

We hit 10k stars!

We hit 10k stars!

  • Still no community meeting, sorry 🫠. Link.
  • We hit 10k stars on our main repository!
  • GoReleaser now has ~10.1k stars and 277 contributors! Thanks, everyone!
  • Our Discord server is getting new members almost daily. Join and chat with us!

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