For those wo don’t know, GWT-Bootstrap wants to port the Twitter Bootstrap widgets to GWT compatible and easy to use components/widgets.

I started this project earlier this year, and we finally released our first version.

You can see the official announcements here and here.

I’ll just copy and paste what I said in the first announcement linked here.

As the creator of the project, I'll like to say something, if you guys don't mind =D

First, I would like to apologize. Last months my life was changing too much, I don't has the time and willpower to contribute as much I want to.
Second, I would like to thank very much some persons:

Keisuke aka 'Soundtricker' - He just take the lead of the project when I'm not with time to do that, and made a lot of  other very good contributions. Thank you very much bro, you're awesome.
Dominik Mayer - he's the first guy who give some importance to the project, when it is just a 'test', and he talk with keisuke and yusuke to help the project, thank you very much bro, you're awesome.
Yusuke - he give a lot of help around the project. Thank you bro, you're awesome!
All the other commiters and all the people that use GWT-Bootstrap and report bugs, give suggestions, etc - You, guys, are the people that made we believe in our project, and give us a reason to continue it. Thanks, you're awesome.

I think that that's it.

Thanks everyone, I hope you enjoy this first release, and hope that more releases come soon :)

Carlos Alexandro Becker aka 'caarlos0'

I want to, again, thank everyone that made this happens, you guys are just awesome.

Right now, GWT-Bootstrap is for the first time disponible in the Maven Central Repositories, you can change your pom.xml to use the stable version like this:


Now, we will work to port the components that wasn’t in this first release, and also update to Twitter Bootstrap 2.1.0.

I also want to, again, apologize. Last weeks my life was changing in much ways, and I didn’t has all the time and energy that I like, so, I didn’t made much contributions… but, in few weeks it will be more ‘stable’, and them I’ll back with the fury of a hundred billion suns.

Thats all.