Hello everyone :)

I just decided to start posting in my own blog, in English. I had a blog with some friends. The posts were written in Portuguese, it’s Wordpress, and I my last post was a long time ago (because it’s boring post in wordpress).

I don’t really like Wordpress. Yeah, I just don’t like it. I think thats is heavy and slow. So, I decided to give a chance to Jekyll Bootstrap.

I’ll not blog about “how to setup jekyll”, you can read it here.

It’s realy simple to configure, put to work, write posts, pages, and I can see the modifications easy in my local server :) And yeah, it’s really fast.

In a few minutes, I updated the twitter bootstrap version, hacked Jekyll to be responsive, cleaned home listing the latest posts and setup author and other things. It also have built-in support for Disqus and Twitter/G+/Facebook/etc (aka addthis) buttons.

In short: Jekyll is great, and I really like it!