Improving Vim and Gedit

Joinville · August 01, 2012

I just started to learn Ruby and Ruby on Rails, and, as I read somewhere, most Ruby/RoR developers don't like IDEs to do their work.

Curious, I tried to use some IDEs, like IntelliJ, Netbeans and others… and really, it just slow you. A good text editor is incredible better. For example, in my VIm config, I could simply type def[TAB] and VIm create for me:

def method


with method already selected. So, I type the name, parameters, press [TAB] again, and I inside the method, then I just write it. It's really good. Also, Gedit have the same functionality, but, with the [CTRL]+[SPACE] combo.

Gedit powered by GMate

GMate is a set of plugins that try to ‘transform’ gedit in a ' textmate for linux’.

The installation is pretty simple:

$ git clone git://
cd gmate

Then close and open your Gedit, go to settings, and take a look at themes and plugins. About themes, I strongly recommend Molokai. For me, this is the best theme ever.

Vim powered by a gorgeus vimfiles setup

This ‘vimfiles’ project is nothing more than a lot of plugins and some hacks in vimrc file, plus some themes, like Monokai (I already said thats the best theme ever!).

The installation is a little more complex than GMate, but, is not like build a Boing-747 :)

Just follow these steps:

Clone the project from github:

$ git clone git:// ~/.vim

Edit/Create your main vimrc file

$ vim ~/.vimrc

With the following content:

source ~/.vim/vimrc
colorscheme molokai

Then save and exit;

Update the submodules:

$ cd ~/.vim
$ git submodule update --init

Done. Now, do your own tests and made your choice. I prefer VIm :)