Linux and MTP: Just a hell

Joinville · August 02, 2012

Recently I bought a Samsung Galaxy X phone (brazilian Nexus). Yeah, it is a pretty cool device, fast, etc etc… oh, yep, a little expensive too…

I was pretty happy with it, until I tried to copy some files to it (basically, music). Then, I discover that nexus android force you to use something called MTP (Media Transfer Protocol). According to them, this decision is to made android better, but, I believe that force the user to use it, is not.

User who use Linux, Mac OS and Windows XP have to install additional packages/softwares to put it to work. And the worst part is that installing these additional softwares not solve the problem at all.

I end up with a tecnical easy solution for arch linux, after follow a thousand tutorials.

The UGLY solution

PS: If you have yaourt, you can do all this with one command:

$ yaourt -S android-udev gvfs-gphoto2 --noconfirm

Then, if you have some luck, you can connect you device via some media player (I used clementine) and copy at least some music to your device.

Also, you can transfer files via bluetooth (hell slow) or via wireless (using something like Airdroid).

I'll try to mantain this post updated with new info, if you have something to share, please leave a comment.

See ya.