Watchub is a service that notifies you of people who followed/unfollowed you and starred/unstarred your repositories.

Watchub screenshot

It runs every day and sends you an email if something changed.

The first commit was about 1 month ago, and I first deployed it to production exactly 1 month ago.

Since then have sent ~200 emails to ~30 users!

I guess this is a good number, considering I didn’t promote it a lot (just to some friends and coworkers). Thank you all!

In order to keep the product growing, @marcelinhov2 is joining me to help with the front end and email design, so, expect the app to not look like a backend did it anymore. :laughing:

We’ll also add more features, like fork notifications, for example.

So, thanks for everyone using Watchub, hope you continue enjoying it.

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