Carlos writes and operates software for a living. These days, he works making the command line glamorous at Charm and in tools that help people release software faster at GoReleaser.

While not working on his daily job, he may be hacking on open source, reading books, lifting (rather heavy) weights, or just walking around.

Carlos is interested in programming languages, Zeichenorientierte Benutzerschnittstellen, containers, distributed systems, security, and monitoring. Feel free to ping me somewhere if you want to chat about any of that. 🙂

He lives with Carine and Bash in a small city1 in southern Brazil.2

Family ❤️

Family ❤️

  1. Small city: ~50k people, very rural, culture mostly German-influenced. No movies, shopping centers, big stores/supermarkets, etc. ↩︎

  2. Zakk, the Chinchilla in one of the pictures above, passed away in 2022. Rest in peace, my little friend — you are sorely missed. ✝️ ↩︎