A Repository Graveyard

This past weekend I decided I need to clean up my GitHub profile. In this post I’ll write about why I cleaned everything up and also how I did, as well as some initial results.

Charting Repository Stars

I always wanted to know how stargazers of my repos increased over time. I didn’t found a good way of doing that, so I wrote an app for that™.

GKE in production

I’ve been working with DigitalOcean, Heroku and AWS for some years now. Recently, I decided to give GCE (Google Compute Engine), and, more specifically, GKE (Google Container Engine) a try. In this post I intend to show a few things I learned and/or struggled with.

Improving Jekyll build time

I’ve been using Jekyll on my blog since 2012. It is great! But, lately, its slow build times started to bother me. I consider moving to Hugo, but that seemed like a lot of work, and I didn’t know what the real problem was. In this post I’ll show how I improved my Jekyll blog build time in about 75%.

70% cheaper Kubernetes cluster on AWS

We are running Kubernetes on both sandbox and production for some months now. Our production cluster is still small, with few services running on it, but, most of our sandbox environment is running on a Kubernetes cluster on AWS.