Sometimes people ask me what my setup looks like for remote work. I decided to try to keep a list of the hardware and software I’m using.

People call usually call such pages “my /uses page”.

So, here’s mine. Hope you’ll find this useful, somehow.

my desk, as of July, 2023

my desk, as of July, 2023


Machines & Phone

Keyboard / Mouse


Sound & Video


I’m a nerd and I like racks. So, I built my own. 100% over engineering for my home network, but I always wanted to work on one, and now I have.

rack, as of July, 2023

rack, as of July, 2023

It has some Unify gear, UPS, plus the aforementioned NAS and Raspberry Pies.


Here are some of the apps I use everyday and/or enjoy using:

I’m a simple man, and no particular email, notes, or calendar app seems worth the trouble/money for me, so I use macOS/iOS default ones.


  • 2023-07-10: Fixed typos, improved some descriptions;
  • 2023-07-06: Added software, update hardware, added rack, /uses
  • 2022-09-21: Typo updates, added NAS;
  • 2022-05-17: Added the Moonlander Mk1 and reorganizing/simplifying page
  • 2021-12-02: Added M1 Pro, Desktop and others
  • 2020-12-07: Updated setup photo
  • 2020-09-22: Updated mouse and Keyboard
  • 2020-02-05: Updated display
  • 2020-01-29: First edition