Since I’ve seen the new Basecamp, I fall in love with it.

It’s fast, had sleek animations in page changes and so on.

Well, I put one thing in my head: “if they can, I can”. So I worked. Can get a really good speed with a 1Gb RAM + SSD HD from DigitalOcean for $ 10 per month (really cheap, I believe), and tweaked my app to use the Puma server (with socket, of course) + Nginx (that also serves the assets), cache-digest GEM to up the irons while caching things, and turbolinks for a really simple AJAX (done with pushstate) (I’ll talk about this architecture another day).

Well, I’m pretty happy, except that I don’t had those awesome bad-ass animations on page change. So, I made it.

Gif showing an example app with turbolinks-transitions.

Gif showing an example app with turbolinks-transitions.

Just a cool animated gif with the example!

Use it is pretty simple. Just add the gem and import the JS, and you’re ready to go!

See the complete how to use here.


I’ll be glad to hear your suggestions and merge your pull-requests! Feel free to do that.

See you soon.

PS: the example above is running locally, so, maybe you will not see it at first, but, just look a little closer, and you shall see a little fade while switching pages :)