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After some time, I finally decided to move my blog from Jekyll to Hugo.

That was probably the best thing I did in the past few weeks. My Jekyll builds were really slow, and the feedback loop was too big. I get easily distracted, so, I was not writing much.

You can read some of my fight to make it faster here. Well, with Hugo, doesn’t matter which features I use, full build time is always less than 1 second and incremental builds take ~300ms. Fast should be Hugo’s middle name!

Also, my build was running htmlproof, which is nice, but also extremelly slow, so I only ran it on Travis. With old posts breaking randomly, I eventually gave up.

Now, I’m using Hugo with a custom version of the hugo-type-theme (pull request is open though), and it’s being automagically deployed to Netlify, with SSL by Let’s Encrypt.

I’m also linting everything with a faster port of htmlproof, written in Go. It’s called htmltest and it is awesome.

On the automation end, I’m using the good-old-new-hype of make. So, take a look at the Makefile in the root of the repo if you wish.

Next steps

Probably enable the performance stuff on Netlify and hopefully write more often again!

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