Hey, Iā€™m Carlos!

I create, write and operate software for a living. Sometimes I write about it here.

Hey, Iā€™m Carlos!

šŸŽ§ Replay: 2022

This is a different kind of post: I’m sharing some music I enjoyed this year! If ā€¦

Announcing GoReleaser v1.13 ā€” the November release

Another month, another release! Like the previous 2 releases, this is a beefy one: over 100 ā€¦

GoReleaser v1 ā€” one year later

We launched GoReleaser v1 exactly 1 year ago today! onefetch First, I wanted to wholeheartedly ā€¦

GoReleaser Split and Merge

Since v1.12.0-pro, GoReleaser can split and merge its release process. This means that you can ā€¦

Expanding GitHub Sponsors globally - GitHub Universe

GitHub Sponsors expanded to over 30 new regions this year, Abigail Cabunoc Mayes chat with ā€¦

Issuing and using SSH Certificates

SSH certificates allow system administrators to SSH into machines without having to manage ā€¦

Sustainability in Open Source - Github and Charm

Talking about improving sustainability of open source with some incredible open source ā€¦

Announcing GoReleaser v1.12 ā€” the more-than-a-hundred commits release

The previous release had ~100 commits, and this one has 149 since previous feature release! ā€¦

Creating a tag and releasing from a GitHub Action, with GoReleaser

Most people run GoReleaser by creating a tag locally, pushing it, and letting their CI takes ā€¦