Carlos Alexandro Becker

GoReleaser: lessons learned so far

I’ve started GoReleaser almost 2 years ago. This is a summary of (some) things I’ve learned down the road.

One month working remote

It has been one month since I started working fully remote, and I think I learned some things I can share.

Cleanup old GitHub Forks

I like to keep my GitHub clean. I delete forks I’m not using anymore, move old abandoned repositories to my graveyard and etc. I don’t like to delete things manually though.

Prometheus authentication with oauth2_proxy

I wanted to set up a prometheus machine for me to monitor random stuff, but I was always postpone that because I didn’t want to use SSH port-forwarding, firewalls, create a VPC and/or setup an OpenVPN server or anything like that.

I'm Joining TOTVS Labs

Everything in life eventually comes to an end, including life itself. This is not that kind of post, though.

GoReleaser: 1k repositories and beyond

When first announced GoReleaser roughly 1 year ago, on January 2017, I never thought it would be somewhat famous.

On being an effective developer

Over the years I read several articles on how to be effective, and how the 10x engineer thing is or is not a lie and all that.

Moving to Hugo

After some time, I finally decided to move my blog from Jekyll to Hugo.

Creating debs and rpms with Go

I’ve been working on GoReleaser for more than a year now, and one of the things that was bothering me the most was fpm.

A Repository Graveyard

This past weekend I decided I need to clean up my GitHub profile. In this post I’ll write about why I cleaned everything up and also how I did, as well as some initial results.