Hey, I’m Carlos!

I create, maintain, and operate software. Sometimes I write about it here.

Hey, I’m Carlos!

Announcing GoReleaser v1.21 — mostly bug fixes

A boring release, mostly bug fixes. Boring is good. Highlights You can now sort tags by semver …

A brief and incomplete history of modal text editors

In this post I’m going to talk about some old text editors you probably never heard of, …

Announcing GoReleaser v1.20 — a quality-of-life release

A little over 100 commits in small-ish quality-of-life improvements.

Wishlist Endpoint Discovery

Learn how to use the recently-added Tailscale, DNS, and Zeroconf endpoint discovery in …

Announcing GoReleaser v1.19 — the big release

Almost 200 commits adding Nix, Winget, and much more…

Writing Bubble Tea Tests

Learn how to use x/exp/teatest to write tests for your Bubble Tea apps.

Announcing GoReleaser v1.18 — the maintainers month release

May is the maintainers month, so I would first like to thank all the maintainers out there for …

Using open, pbcopy and pbpaste over SSH

Having your favorite commands available over SSH can be very convenient. I think I talked about …

Announcing GoReleaser v1.17 — the late Easter release

The Easter release is here!