Setting up a Go build with Glide on CircleCI

I’ve lost a considerable amount of time trying to bind those things together, so I decided to write this quick post about it, so others could also benefit from it.

The tips are:

  • Don’t install Glide using go get. Use apt;
  • Override dependencies and test sections;
  • You’ll have to do some link sorcery so import paths won’t be messed up.

The final circle.yml would look like this:

    IMPORT_PATH: "/home/ubuntu/.go_workspace/src/"
    APP_PATH: "$IMPORT_PATH/myproject"
    - sudo add-apt-repository ppa:masterminds/glide -y
    - sudo apt-get update
    - sudo apt-get install glide -y
    - mkdir -p "$IMPORT_PATH"
    - ln -sf "$(pwd)" "$APP_PATH"
    - cd "$APP_PATH" && glide install
    - cd "$APP_PATH" && go test -cover $(glide nv)

Replace myuser and myproject to the username and repository name of your project on github.

There is probably some easy way to make this work, but I coulnd’t find it.

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