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Faster Docker builds using go modules

Quick tip to improve the docker build speed using go modules.

GoReleaser Docker support

The next GoReleaser version will have a more flexible Docker configuration format. In this post we’ll explore it a bit.

Golang: cache things using interfaces

Caching things can be hard to do and hard to test. In this post I’ll demonstrate a convenient way of doing that using interfaces.

Keeping json files formatted

I’m working in a project that uses Chef, so it has a lot of JSON files. I like everything to be preperly formatted. The choice of format itself does not bother me much, giving that there is one. This project did not (although it was surprisingly not that bad).

GoReleaser: build and push Snapcraft packages from TravisCI

GoReleaser was able to build snap packages for a long time, but it wasn’t able to push them until today. Let’s see how to wrap to your TravisCI build!

GopherCon Brasil 2018

A quick review of my second ever GopherCon - the first one as a speaker, and my experience talking.

GoReleaser: 1k repositories and beyond

When first announced GoReleaser roughly 1 year ago, on January 2017, I never thought it would be somewhat famous.

Charting Repository Stars

I always wanted to know how stargazers of my repos increased over time.

Writing cli applications with Golang

Last few months I’ve been using Go to write quite a lot of tools. In this post I intent to show not why I chose Go over others, but how I architect those tools, what libraries I use and what kind of automation I have in place.

Fast and easy Go binaries delivery

I have some apps written in Go, which I deliver as binaries for each platform using GitHub releases. Until now, I was doing it with a very simple shell script.