Last year, I made a blog post about GoReleaser turning 3 years old.

I kind of like it, so this year I’m writing one about it turning 4. Maybe I’ll make this a habit, so I can quickly see how it improved over the course of a year.

The year of the linux on the desktop

I kind of promised myself that 2020 will be the year of GoReleaser v1.0.0.

COVID-19 and all, priorities changed for a while… and it didn’t happen.


But that doesn’t mean we didn’t have improvements!

Here are some highlights:

  • removed a lot of deprecated settings
  • added GOMIPS support
  • nfpm can now sign packages
  • added build hooks
  • added xz compression
  • added the source pipe
  • refactored from kingpin to cobra
  • added shell completions
  • added the goreleaser build command
  • switched from travis to GitHub Actions
  • migrated to Material Mkdocs
  • added support for reproducible builds
  • added support for closing milestones after the release
  • created fileglob and replaced zglob usage with it
  • added apk package creation
  • added support to creating multi-architecture Docker images (docker_manifests)
  • added support for using docker buildx build (dockers.use_buildx)
  • arm64 is now a default GOARCH
  • allow to use nfpm packages when creating Docker images

Besides that, we also had some refactory (mostly on tests).

M1 Macs

On top of all that, Apple Silicon is a thing now, and we have the support in a PR already… just waiting on the Go 1.16 release.

I do not yet have a M1 Mac to properly test those things, but I’m sure someone will come up to help with that.

That’s all folks

Stay safe, and I hope to see you all again next year!