This release took a while, for all the good reasons: a ton of new features and bug fixes for your delight!

Oh, and, over 100 commits!

It might be the biggest GoReleaser release in commits made, although I have no data to back it up — except my memory.

GoReleaser screenshot

GoReleaser screenshot


  • GoReleaser Pro can now skip Fury publishing with --skip-fury;
  • GoReleaser Pro now has before and after hooks for archives;
  • GoReleaser is now compiled using Go 1.19, and supports new Go 1.19 targets (GOARCH=loong64);
  • New .ArtifactExt template field and new split function;
  • You can now add more files/folders/globs to source archives (e.g. the vendor folder);
  • The JSONSchema is finally (properly) fixed;
  • Skip uploading artifacts into the release, without skipping the whole release;
  • Changelogs using the github strategy now use the short commit as well;
  • Allow to keep a single draft GitHub release;
  • Allow to set target_commitish in GitHub releases;
  • Allow to set up mTLS in the HTTP uploads pipe;
  • Option to strip the binary parent folder in the archive;
  • Couple of improvements in the nFPM: added Termux packaging, changelogs and provides support.
  • The GoReleaser Docker image now logs in into the GitLab Registry if its environment variables are set;
  • Homebrew taps can now define their dependencies’ versions;
  • The deprecated Gofish feature is now fully removed;
  • As of every release, a healthy amount of bug fixing;
  • Many documentation improvements.

Other news

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