Keeping our pace of 1 minor a month, this is the January 2023 release.

GoReleaser’s Ko integration documentation

GoReleaser’s Ko integration documentation

It is packed with some juicy features and tons of bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements.

Let’s take a look:


  • GoReleaser Pro now can now create changelog subgroups
  • You can create and push Docker images/manifests with Ko (big thanks to @developerguyba and @ImJasonH for all the work here)
  • More templateable fields: nfpms.apk.signature.key_name, release.disable, release.skip_upload, snaps.grade, telegram.chat_id
  • Deprecated --clean in favor of --clean
  • As always, a lot of bug fixes and documentation improvements

You can install the same way you always do, and you can see the full release notes here and here (for Pro).

GitHub Action incident

Last Friday (Jan 27th), we had a rather big incident due to a GitHub website change. We were using a URL to get the release that was not in the API domain, but was working well for a couple of years. GitHub changed it, and we, as well as many other projects, got an incident in our hands. This is definitely our fault, though, we should have been using the guaranteed API endpoints instead. That said, we fixed it rather quickly, even though it was a Friday night. Since then, we also made more changes to use the releases.json served by our website instead of GitHub’s API, which also avoids rate limits and issues with GHE users. I also wanna give huge props to @crazy-max for working hard on all that, as well as everyone who helped debug and test everything on #389.

Other news

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