The Easter release is here!

better docker image build error output

better docker image build error output

It is packed with some juicy features and tons of bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements.

Let’s take a look:


  • GoReleaser Pro now has a templated_files (or templated_extra_files) in several fields: archives, blobs, checksum, custom_publishers, docker, nfpms, release, snapcrafts and source
  • GoReleaser can now open pull requests of homebrew taps, brews and scoop instead of just pushing it to a branch
  • Some smaller improvements in templates, like the new .Now and .IsDraft template variables (tip: {{ .Now.Format "2006" }} to format the date time as you want)
  • Default Parallelism now matches Linux container CPU
  • Some errors have been improved to be more clear on how to fix them
  • Many improvements in the documentation
  • As always, a lot of bug fixes, dependency updates and improvements!

You can install the same way you always do, and you can see the full release notes here and here (for Pro).

Other news

  • We have a whole lot of example repositories, including Zig, GoReleaser-Cross, GoReleaser Pro features, and more. Check it out!
  • GoReleaser now has ~11.4k stars and 333 contributors! Thanks, everyone!
  • We eventually discuss new features in our Discord server.  Join the conversation!
  • nFPM had new releases as well,  check it out.

This is a cross-post from GoReleaser’s blog!