The yearly Christmas edition, and the last release of 2023. This release contains mostly small improvements and bug fixes.


  • nix: validate license to prevent generating invalid derivations
  • nix: make sure zip is included if one of the archives is a zip file
  • winget: support archives.format: binary
  • homebrew: dependencies can be added to specific OSes
  • homebrew: support tar.xz
  • aur: support archives.wrap_in_directory
  • aur: support multiple packages in the same repository
  • --single-target is now more consistent
  • error handling improvements in several places

As always, bug fixes, dependency updates, housekeeping, and documentation updates are included in this release as well.

Other news

  • GoReleaser now has ~12.4k stars and 366 contributors! Thanks, everyone!
  • We eventually discuss new features in our Discord server.  Join the conversation!
  • nFPM had new releases as well,  check it out.


You can install or upgrade using your favorite package manager, or see the full release notes and download the pre-compiled binaries here and here (for Pro).

Helping out

You can help by contributing features and bug fixes, or by donating. You may also be interested in buying a GoReleaser Pro license.

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