We just launched GoReleaser v1.3, the first release of 2022!


  • Announce to any HTTP endpoint #2750
  • Create universal binaries from multiple build IDs #2811
  • New templateable fields #2826 #2797
  • Custom publishers can now publish extra #2770
  • Fixed dependency issue with go-reddit which was causing problems when go installing goreleaser #2823
  • Fixed some issues with the github-native changelog implementantion #2802 #2803

You can see the full changelog here. Also check out GoReleaser Pro v1.3.

Install instructions can be found here.

Other news:

  • Our community call was set for January 7th, but was delayed. We’re still picking a new date. Link.
  • We created an example repository with Supply Chain Security good practices, check it out.
  • GoReleaser now has ~9.4k stars and 261 contributors! Thanks, everyone!
  • Our Discord server is getting new members almost daily. Join and chat with us!

This is a cross-post from GoReleaser’s new blog!