GoReleaser 1.6 is out! Another “boring” release with some miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.


  • New filter and reverseFilter template functions (#2924)
  • nFPM and archiving in tar.gz should now be faster (#2940#2941)
  • More Snapcraft app metadata fields (#2955)
  • New .TagBody template field (#2923)
  • Install amd64 binaries when no arm64 binaries are present on macOS (i.e. use Rosetta) (#2939)
  • Several dependency updates
  • Several bug fixes
  • Some documentation improvements

You can see the full changelog here.

Other news

  • I’m risking sounding repetitive here, but we still don’t have a new date for our first community call. Personal life a little too busy lately, will try my best to schedule it ASAP. Link.
  • GoReleaser now has ~9.7k stars and 268 contributors! Thanks, everyone!
  • Our Discord server is getting new members almost daily. Join and chat with us!
  • nFPM also had a release as well, check it out.

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