Jekyll with Sass

I followed @mdo recent article “Using Sass with Jekyll”, and wanted to point out the results.

I’m using some version of Lanyon with some custom stuff. So, I had 4 CSS files:


Summing it up, ~22K. It’s not a lot, but, thinking about mobile 3G plans that are shit (like brazilian ones), why not save some bytes and requests?

So, I moved all those files to a _scss subfolder, and changed their extensions to .scss instead of .css.

Then, in my public/css folder, I created a styles.scss like this one:

# Needed for jekyll...

@import "poole";
@import "syntax";
@import "lanyon";
@import "carlos";

Also, I added the following section to my _config.yml:

  sass_dir: _scss
  style: :compressed

Finally, changed my _includes/head.html to import only the new styles.css:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="/public/css/styles.css">

And boom! It worked. With this, my previously four requests of ~22K went to one request with 12.8K!


Besides that, now I have all the power that Sass provides, in my blog, without any hacks. And it works on GitHub pages!

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