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Moving to Hugo

After some time, I finally decided to move my blog from Jekyll to Hugo.

Improving Jekyll build time

I’ve been using Jekyll on my blog since 2012. It is great! But, lately, its slow build times started to bother me.

Jekyll: Reading time without plugins

Estimated reading time of a post is a feature that became popular, I believe, with Medium. There are plenty of Jekyll plugins that address this problem, but, if you want to deploy at GitHub Pages, you can’t use those plugins (GitHub will run with the --safe flag). So, I created a snipped of pure Liquid code to fix that. So, the first thing we will want to do is get the word count.

UP: A Jekyll theme

After a while using Jekyll Bootstrap, I just realized that it was so much bloated. Then, few days ago, I forked the old Zach Holman’s blog, and started to tweak my own theme based on theirs (that now is opensource). At first, I like it, but after a while, I just start thinking that it had a “old style” design. So, I decided to work in my own layout, and then, up was born.

Upgrading Jekyll Bootstrap

As you may know, this blog uses Jekyll Bootstrap as engine. Yeah, Jekyll Bootstrap uses Twitter-Bootstrap, but, it uses the version 2.0.x (mine is 2.0.4, don’t remember if I update or if it hsa like this since the begin of times), and the version 2.1.0 is comming! Like you can see in the @twbootstrap twitter profile, 2.1.0 will be released a few days! Just a quick heads up, Bootstrap 2.