So, this is the all-new UP version. It is more based on my own blog in some way, which is a some kind of branch of the theme.

The biggest changes are:

  • Assets are now managed by bower;
  • Build are now made by grunt;
  • is provided to use with foreman to watch changes everywhere (assets, pages, posts);
  • Removed the hardcoded Jekyll from Gemfile and replaced it with the github pages Gem;
  • Bumped all assets versions.

There are also some minor changes, like a new pygments.less and other few and small changes.


The best way is to read the project readme, but, to get started, after clone the repository and with Ruby, Bundler, Node.js and NPM already in your PATH, you can run the init script:

$ ./script/

It will install all needed dependencies and build the assets for you (with the grunt command).

You can also start it up in watch mode with:

$ foreman start -f


To update your previous UP-baked blog, the easiest way is to backup your _posts folder and override everything else. If you don’t want to do that, you will have to hack around the changes and do it by hand.

Have fun!