Another month, another release!

Like the previous 2 releases, this is a beefy one: over 100 commits from 15 contributors!

GoReleaser on Mastocon

GoReleaser on Mastocon

This one also marks the point of 1 year since our first v1!


  • docker, docker buildx and podman (on GoReleaser Pro) will now use the image digest when creating docker manifests. This should help ensure that what you are releasing wasn’t changed by an outside tool.
    • In the same token, the Docker images and manifests signing with cosign will now use the digest by default.
  • GoReleaser can now announce to Mastodon!
  • Ability to create Arch Linux packages, btw.
    • Still regarding nFPM, dsts with trailing slashes will now have the same behavior as tools such as cp with trailing slashes.
  • For Windows fans: you can now create and publish nupkgs (Chocolatey packages)!
  • Better support for building and publishing shared or static libraries.
  • Many bug fixes and documentation improvements.

You can install the same way you always do, and you can see the full release notes here and here (for Pro).

Other news

  • GoReleaser now has ~10.9k stars and 313 contributors! Thanks, everyone!
  • We are now present in the fediverse, give us a follow at
  • We eventually discuss new features in our Discord server.  Join the conversation!
  • nFPM had new releases as well,  check it out.
  • We made a bunch of progress towards getting 100% in the OpenF Best Practices assessment… and we’re almost there.

This is a cross-post from GoReleaser’s blog!